Join us for Holy Week and Pascha!



Join us  as we follow with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His Passion and Glorious Resurrection!

There is no experience that prepares us for the Resurrection of our Lord, like that of an Orthodox Holy Week journey. Invite your friends and family to celebrate the week of services with you in the Ancient Christian Faith.

Friday, April 7th
6:00pm – Canon of the Raising of Lazarus from the Dead

Saturday, April 8th
9:00am – Liturgy for the Raising of Lazarus from the Dead
10:15am – Children’s program, breakfast, and dying Easter Eggs
5:00pm – Great Vespers

Sunday, April 9th
9:00am – Orthros/Matins
10:00am – Liturgy for Palm Sunday
11:30am – Palm Sunday lunch at the parish
5:00pm – Bridegroom Service (pg 1 of the Holy Week Service Book)

Monday, April 10th
6:00pm – Bridegroom Service (pg 91)

Tuesday April 11th
5:45am – Presanctified Liturgy (pg 123)
6:00pm – Bridegroom Service (pg 181)

Wednesday, April 12th
6:00pm – The Service of Holy Unction (pg 271)

Thursday, April 13th

9:00am – Orthros
10:00am – Divine Liturgy Commemorating the Last Supper of Christ (pg 325)
6:30pm – Orthros, Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels, and the Procession of the Holy Cross (pg 385)

Friday, April 14th
10:00am – Royal Hours (pg 451)
5:00pm – Great Vespers, the Taking Down of Christ from the Cross, and Entombment in the Bier (pg 505)
7:00pm – Lamentations Service (pg 535)
9:00pm – All Night Vigil

Saturday, April 15th
9:30am – Liturgy Commemorating Christ’s Victory over Death and Baptism (pg 589)
10:00pm – Arrival at the Church and Procession with Candles (pg 655)
11:00pm – Divine Liturgy Commemorating Christ’s Resurrection (pg. 670)
Bring your baskets

Sunday, April 16th
1:00pm – Agape Vespers (pg 749)


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