Thursday Lunch

June 15- Greek Salad with Chicken, Fresh Bread, Coffee Tea or Water – $9.00

Lemon Cake – $1.00

“Euphrosynos was a simple man, but a man of God. He served as the cook in an Amorean monastery in the ninth century. One night, the spiritual father of this monastery saw himself in Paradise, and saw Euphrosynos there as well. Euphrosynos picked and gave him three apples from Paradise. When the spiritual father awoke, he saw three unusually beautiful and fragrant apples by his pillow. He quickly found Euphrosynos and asked him: “Where were you last night, brother? I was where you were, father,” the blessed God-pleaser replied. The spiritual father then revealed the entire incident to the monks, and all recognized the sanctity and godliness of Euphrosynos. But Euphrosynos, fearing the praise of men, immediately fled the monastery and hid in the wilderness, where he spent the remainder of his life.”

It is an Orthodox tradition to display an icon of St. Euphrosynos in the kitchen where he is watching over the cook and reminding us all of the “Food of Paradise.”

Our church reverently displays his icon and we have named our kitchen in his honor as he watches over those that use his kitchen on a daily basis and for all events that benefit the church.   Please review this page and all the events we have scheduled in the kitchen.   We have several parishioners that lease space in the kitchen in support of their individuals businesses.    We have recently started Thursday lunches for the congregation and hope to expand to the general public in the near future.     To request use of the kitchen or any of the kitchen equipment  please contact:

John Spiegel – St. Antonys Kitchen Manager