The Life of St. Mary of Egypt

It’s hard to believe, but this Sunday is the last Sunday of Great Lent, and it’ll only be a week until Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week. As Lent comes to an end this year, the Church has set before us one of the greatest stories of repentance and redemption, the life of St. Mary of Egypt. St. Mary of Egypt is an example to all of us and gives us a great source to draw from as we reflect and prepare for confession and to celebrate Christ’s glorious resurrection.

Tonight at 6:00 pm, we’ll read the life of St. Mary as part of the Small Compline and Great Canon. Our Church, all over the world, reads the same story, reminding us of the power that true repentance brings. This is a wonderful service and one you should definitely plan to attend. Bring some Lenten food to share for a potluck afterwards.

To prepare for the service, take a moment to read the Life of St. Mary available here. Print it and bring it with you tonight to follow along.