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  • Thursday Bible/Book Study (9/9/2014) - How about a Bible/Book Study Thursday mornings before lunch. We could begin at 10:30am, bit earlier if need be. This will make it easier to travel during the fall and winter. I will be there this Thursday if  any of  you want to begin.  I  have ordered copies of  The Mother of God, Sermons by St. Gregory Palamas and hope to have them available by then. If not I will have other material available. Bring your bible. Welcome All
  • Coffee Hour Returns (9/9/2014) - We’ll meet at Papa Ganouj  (6 & Quaker East on 6th at Peoria) Friday at 4:00.  I have been missing our good conversations and learning from your questions and comments. Bring questions and I will bring something to reflect on. Gret time to bring friends and learn together.  See you Friday!
  • The Silent Holocaust (9/9/2014) - St. George Church of Houston hosted a town hall meeting on the current plight of Christians and other minority groups in Iraq and Syria. There is a short radio interview on Ancient Faith Radio that will be of interest to you.
  • Thursday lunch this week (9/9/2014) - Chicken salad on croissants chip, pickle and praline squares. 11:30-1:30.
  • Exhortation (Elevation) of the Cross this Sunday (8/1/2014) - The second major feast of the year reminds us that we have to pick up our cross to follow Christ. Vespers on Saturday is followed by the Litia service of the Five Loves. Before Thy Cross we bow down in worship, Master, and we glorify Thy Holy Resurrection. , and we glorify Thy Holy Resurrection. Do Thou, Who of Thine own good will was lifted up upon the Cross, O Christ our God, bestow Thy bounties upon the new Nation which is called by Thy Name; make glad in Thy might those who lawfully govern, that with them we may be led to victory over our adversaries, having in Thine aid a weapon of peace and a trophy invincible. Procession with crosses follows  the Divine Liturgy bring your family crosses.  THE EPISTLE  Exalt ye the Lord our God. The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble. The Reading from the First Epistle of ... Read More

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